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Waiting for Marcie

Well here we go. We’ve got a category 2 and increasing cyclone off the coast, full weather alerts out, emergency crews on standby expecting a flogging.. So what can we do other than get ready.. It really brings you back … Continue reading

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As the Submarine goes under.

This morning started with the police dragging a VW for whatever reason outside the house… Angry Lights and all… Good start, but it gets better. Our beloved Prime Minister backs out on a commitment to build subs that he gave … Continue reading

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Our Family Pack

That was easy….. Ruby my Ridgback has a ear infection and just administered her medication into the ear and I still have all my body parts! The wallet has come out with some damage but that comes with the territory. … Continue reading

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The Tai Chi start… Was not without drama.

Well the wife decided she would take up Tai Chi and went to the local community hall to see the drill. I’ve been thinking the same since my hip Replacment but haven’t made the move.. Well when she came home … Continue reading

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Keep the Galah Squarking.

Our Prime Ministerial appearance at The Press Club yesterday was in no way a speech to the people. It was a survival speech directed at his enemies on the back benches. The rehetoric was exactly the same as he did … Continue reading

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The Right ideology fails the test.

Ask yourself how could a government with a majority of 95% on the floor of the House get smashed in their first term. Quite simple really. What you do is put big business in control of your decisions on the … Continue reading

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