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Terror Termites

I don’t know about you but if you’ve ever had to deal with white ants or termites in you house it can become very nerve racking.I discovered them and I’ve had 2 guys have a go and I still got … Continue reading

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Truth after Defrocking 

So our ex Prime Minister is in England telling his like minded Christians to close borders and turn back refugees.That’s a real Christian thing to do isn’t it? Preserve the race he said, don’t let your culture be contaminated with … Continue reading

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The Back Nine.

Take the time and enjoy the story from a caretaker at Lake Dyer and a client. Two of my favourite customers whom can’t visit anymore, because they aren’t physically able to tow their caravan any more sent this. It is fantastic … Continue reading

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Old Age is Great…¬†

You know what. I’m stuffed.After 2 days of golf last week, a day going to Mothers 86th, a day down just vegging out now today with a little shower this morning thought the atmosphere might improve.  It hasn’t.. Lungs are … Continue reading

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