Fairways of Flame.


Well I’m nearly 65. Believe it or not my doctor instructs me to play as much Golf as I can.
I have Asbestosis, about 42% capacity and get a little short depending on the humidity, not good on slopes or hills, but in a buggy I’m able to get it done even though it might take a day or two or 3 to recover depending on the conditions.
So that’s it. Do it while you can, if you can until you can’t. We are here for a good time not along time. That’s my theme for life.
Oh yes after about 29 years I actually Changed Golf Clubs. That is playing now on a different home course. Yep a stroke of genius one may say as I have re discovered the game entirely and my keenness has ballooned. I won’t bore you with the past and my reason for the shift but it’s surprising what you discover when you change. New friends, new standards, new skills required, new habits and most of all new attitudes towards the game, so much so I went against my decades relationship with Ping Golf Clubs and shifter to Taylor Made. That took some convincing but I’m not regretting it in any way. At my age 15 yards extra in length helps..
Oh yes another positive is that I am now competing in the Queensland Senior Order of Merritt (QSOOM) for over 55’s. About once a month we travel to a city based club and we meet different people too and they too are very competitive.
I’m not in the mindset of just playing for lax pastime and a excuse to get a cheap lunch so I don’t have to cook that night. And I really don’t care about your medical problems on the course as I have a few issues myself and I’m there to forget them if I can manage it. That’s why I play (QSOOM). No shit just play your best, don’t complain about the course set up, just play.
You may have guessed I am not a fan of what is known as Veteran Golf, I prefer to play Seniors. 5 hour rounds of golf to take up time is not on in my book and the main topic being lunch not the game leaves me cold..
Well that’s enough ranting for now…..

Ps I only did this to see how to use this Page Thingo ..
I’ll press publish and see how it looks …… Bye ….

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