Serhilda Subaru And Us

Wynnum Trip 12/02/2019
Dalrimple Crteek Headwaters at Goomburra

Meet Serhilda



A Bit of Frogging going on.

Timeline January 2019, Serhilda Subaru Forrester joined the Thagoona Offers replacing Henreque Honda CRV. Replacement was accelerated as the Honda was not really coping with our country roads well or to be precise due to the two wheeled drive was a little dodgy in inclement conditions on wheel on wheel off roads and big potholes and corrugations. Fantastic on city stuff but would have done it hard the longer we had it depreciating the trade.. And in my case if and when ni need assistance to get around we have capacity in the back to accomodate.

Timeline 5th February 2019

Trip to Kilcoy and Surrounding areas such as Somerset Dam and recreation areas