Investment in Our Youth will Deliver. 

Ipswich has prided itself since inception on its Football prowess and has dealt with its opposition by delivering good hard but fair style of play. I know because I felt the fairness quite often playing against the likes of St. Helens, Coalstars, Blackstone, and Bushrats after the match and the next couple of days. 

With that said, and recent results from the Western Pride the game is in a very good place and with the plans to involve satellite clubs in coaching and managing programs can only take Ipswich Football to a level where a A League franchise is beyond a dream. 

This needs to happen sooner than later or some serious thought will need to happen as our Queensland representative in the A League has taken the dads army approach to its playing staff, a strategy designed for survival more than progression. 

In a game where careers depend on skill, dedication, and opportunity its vitally important to have a sound base and culture for developing our talent and retaining that talent here in Ipswich.

A specifically built Sporting Academy in Ipswich involving not only Football but multi sports should be a vision supported in a catchment from Ipswich west to Toowoomba and beyond giving young talent the benefit of leading edge knowledge and facilities to practice,refine and produce. 

This concept should be supported by all facets to government which would provide employment and associated business opportunities as well as providing a sporting hub. 

We have the talent but its spread, but unfortunately the scouts often look in the mainstream established facilities letting the undiscovered fade into broken dreams because of where they live.

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