Gay Bashing Reignited by the Good Christians.

This nation and our LGBTQ’s community was dragged through the mire of hate and recriminations, with the referendum to appease the what turned out to be a distinct minority of people who wanted SSM to be outlawed in this country.

Not satisfied with that result that all should be treated as equal the LNP immediately commissioned Ruddick to deliver a slanted outcome to compensate the proportion that voted NO, then proceeded to hide it for It’s political reasoning.

Well Zannits cartoon in today’s QT has regenerated the non acceptance of those have no control over who they are and is a total disgrace. We as responsible adults should have a obligation to teach and live acceptance, but obviously some of the good church going hypocrites feel kids and teachers will infect their pristine views on who and who isn’t fit to be educated in private schools.

It’s gays this time, then will it be blacks, asians, if they don’t fit the pristine model?

In a culture that has hidden, supported, criminals who destroyed children’s lives for decades world wide and still ongoing have the audacity to point the finger and discriminate at those who through no fault of their own are dealt a hand that is different leaves me breathless, and surely the QT should make it clear on its stance on such a toxic ,unfunny and divisive piece of trash disguised as a cartoon

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