Go After the Shysters in Suits.

Get the Shysters in Suits

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If Joe orJane citizen wander in to a business and steals we expect the common law to apply justice delivered.. Not so the higher you go up the socioeconomic ladder, it’s who can afford the best barristers and call on influential mates and call in a few favours. 

That culture has continued with the Banking Royal Commission report with not one being held to account. Proven theft from pensioners, disabled, people looking for truthful advice, the dead, to name just a few all conned by shysters in suits and not one recommendation for the of true justice that applies to us mere working class punters. 

We  cannot allow two justice systems in this country and simply seeing the contempt the NAB top brass had to the Commission and participants demonstrated they were convinced they thought were above any accountability socially or legally, similar to James Hardy had to asbestos victims. 

Don’t expect the present government to act as they identified where they stood 26 times until some within their ranks indicated they would cross the floor, but it’s not beyond average expectations that rule of law should apply to all identified as knowingly committing fraudulent actions. 

Secure from What?

Well with this new bloke Snowden tipping the bucket, joins the que along with Assange and Manning on letting us punters know what is happening behind the scenes.
The politicians know, the public servants know, the terriosts know, so it should not be a surprise to any of us should it.
I keep hearing the spiel ” if your not doing anything wrong then you should not be concerned if your privacy is impeded”. Yep that’s a point but are we entitled to any “privacy”in 2013. That’s a question or do we just surrender it in the name of “Freedom”.
Well if you think that’s the case and privacy is not a issue , walk around naked, and see how far that gets you. The government will understand, and so will the police when you picked up.
I believe in security and intelligence gathering but we are at a stage where we are guilty until proven innocent in this scenario. If this blog is seen as threatening I will be targeted by some paranoid Peter in a dark room somewhere in cyber world and from my mother upwards can be tracked because they can.
Is that Freedom of expression? No it’s now become intimidation. Paranoid Intimidation of about 99% of all Internet users to try and catch someone who already knows what the game rules are.
No I believe terrisom is a excuse to gather intelligence to sell to corporates on our habits and trends for marketing in true capitalistic fashion for getting the jump on those who do not have access to the data.
No one has asked the question what the providers are being paid or the price of government access and who gets the data after capture and for what price.
A viable little business you must agree if you are part of the “joke”.
Highlighting Manning, Assange and now Snowden takes the focus off the real game and the chest beating by governments keeping us scared, so they can protect us from…….


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