Federal ICAC to Oversee Judicial Appointments.

It has been a well known in the legal profession that bullying and misogyny is common within its culture, so the revelations of the a Chief Justice has been called out by a independent investigation.

His controversial appointment and alliance to the conservative government is on the record, a situation that brings our justice system into a focus for all the wrong reasons.

I am a firm believer judicial appointments must be isolated from political influence or intervention, and have a body similar to a federal ICAC oversee all judicial appointments, state and federally.

Our justice system can never be allowed to follow the American path, and should never be a tool of any political whim or payback.

I am very concerned about the wedge politics played by this government, playing state against state in Covid crisis, the mirroring of American racial attitudes emerging here in Australia, and our government responses truly Trumpian be it ministers or backbenchers.

With our media opinion taking a higher profile than factual reporting, our fallback legal professions independence and faith in the system cannot be compromised by political noise or propaganda regardless of who you support, so I see no reason why Judicial Appointment should not be a part of a Federal ICAC which this government promised last election and still have failed to act on.

That’s not surprising is it?

Wayne Offer

Investigative Journalism must Survive.

I have been guilty of pulling the trigger maybe too quickly on the media on what I see as slanted reporting or cartooning but with the Al Jazeera story I can only commend the media on its speed on self analysis if ethical standards were breached.

Within hours of release, self questioning commenced weather it reported the story or created the story.

That debate will be ongoing but it’s my simpleton belief is overall if it’s in the public interest, the public should know.

The method of acquiring the evidence is played out regularly in capturing terrorist, online predators, drug dealers, gun runners all regarded as fair game if any investigative journalist outlet exposes the culprits.

The fact that they did not secure the funding does not change the intent or the toxic advice on how to nullify murder.

I believe this is a clear example on the value of investigative journalism, and regardless of what side of politics you support it is imperative to democracy these outlets across the world continue their work, and must be protected.

Our Women Set the Standard

Tis the time of the year to review 2018 and in sport no one could deny womens sport and sportswomen have carried the banner for our youth to follow.

The male contribution across most codes has been less than admirable and although the press may choose to overlook the facts but our papers and reports are littered with cheating, domestic violence, drug abuse, corporate deception,  and general grubby behaviour from our so called professional athletes and clubs  and yet not one life ban imposed. 

The fact is, compared with professional players worldwide our lot has far too much time on their hands. Overpaid and overrated compared with players who compete overseas where 3 games in 11 days and sometimes less times is common. Imagine the cry’s of our prima donnas if their schedules similar, and just maybe they would not have the time to misbehave as they would be under constant scrutiny publicly and privately. 

Secondly of greater concern is the influence of betting organisations are having on our sporting culture. Codes are selling their souls to these parasites with scant regard to what message they are sending to our future  sportsmen and women inviting corruption into the sanctity of developing minds.

We have a lot of work to do to tidy up the shop in 2019 if we want to meet standards our women have set on the world stage don’t we? 


News Corps Moral Compass $$ Driven 

To many of us particularly those with kids in sport cringe when we see gambling and alcohol adverts during major sporting broadcasts. 

We have seen the clear evidence where betting has corrupted players, officials and entire codes so why are my alarm bells ringing when I read News Corp are signing off with a mega deal with a major world wide betting conglomerate when they have subsidiary companies running and influencing AFL and NRL codes.

These codes have been plagued with controversy with betting, drug and salary capping , match fixing issues in the past and this move will do nothing to cleaning up the reputations of these codes and officials who are trying desperately to put out fires and clean up their act. 

Yes business is business and News Corp sinking share in the marketplace in core news has to be supplemented in other ways but the marriage of sports that set influence on our kids values and link that to gambling is not socially nor morally acceptable

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