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Keeping your Job 

With every administration comes culture some good and some bad and that culture trickles down to every employee in the organisation regardless of what level they are at.As we march to the polls in Ipswich too are being fed trickle … Continue reading

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Selective Editing keeps Murdock Opinion at Bay. 

I will continue to write it as I see it. Continue reading

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Balanced Reporting ,The Way Foward. 

Balanced Reporting Continue reading

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Canabis, The Conversation we need to have.

With our police under the pump continually with major issues concerning public safety, drugs, Domestic Violence, Crime ect is it time to revisit our laws particularly those regarding Canibas?Is is now proven fact the substance has sound medical applications for … Continue reading

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Checks and Balances

With the last elections in Australia and in United Kingdom it is more than evident that Conservative power brokers demand total dominance over the political divide and will sacrifice any working majority to eliminate the humiliation of negotiations. This high handed … Continue reading

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