Memories of the Junction

One door closes another opens. That was the theme as I walked into the Junction Hotel yesterday after about 25 years.The bar girl welcome was exactly as it was in my memory. Like you were there yesterday and nothing was too much trouble even as they were setting up for the day’s trade. 

The Thagoona Offers returned to a place with so many memories however the old pub was gutted yet their was some sense of familiarity with what was left. 

Entry points, photographs, verandas once stairs, and if you looked up you’d see the remains of walls separated bars and lounges where so many good times with most of all good friends ,genuine friends. 

Yes the food was perfect, service great and as we soaked up the atmosphere I slipped into reminiscent mode and recalled how I was hid in the corner of the public bar when young, given double sarsaparilla, then after I started work and played football with the men I was accepted as one and learnt to watch, stay out of trouble, but have a great time as I was 15 years old when drinking age was 21. 

I worked the chook and meat tray raffles for Annerley Football Club as did our entire family, as well as the chocolate wheel before opening time. 

We were a Football Family dedicated to the Club on the old dump, mum in the canteen, Dad secretary, and team manager, and ambulance bearer, and groundsman, and any other job that needed doing. Life was good and simple. No fucken Facebook crap then. They were real friends, the ones you saw or took the time to ring up, if they had a phone or you’d walk to go and see them if they were OK if they went missing for a unusual time. We looked after each other yet we had our privacy that was instilled in us to always respect. We were there if required, the words did not have to be put on Facebook they were known by those who needed to know and THATS ALL.

My grandmother once told me it’s not what’s said that counts it what’s not said or said in confidence counts. That silent pause Fanny had comes to mind. 

We have that culture today in the country with many of our friends. We are lucky, no news is good news , but it’s a work in progress as is life. 

Anyway back to yesterday. It cannot go unmentioned my extended residency at the Junction as my Grandfather allegedly placed me on the public bar near the men’s toilet corner when he had drink with a few with his mates, or a dust up or whatever come first. 

Darkie had a bit of rep when it come disputes. He took the direct route and often Dad had to referee. He was good at that, marching him home singing to Doris and Mum. 

So today to me after that visit is a time to call mum, sister, and just say gday, wander around the paddock and remember the rot that went on when planning and building the stuff with Dad at the Junction or under the house in Fingal street, mum trying to convince us both forget it yet knowing the country blood was passed on. 

Yes it was a good day for the Thagoona Offers yesterday and I think Marg and Gav have their own treasured and varied memories as does Mum and Kerri.

Another milestone in the journey of life.. 

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