Our Youth are On The March Again.

There on the streets again, This time it’s a number of issues. Hong Kong repression concerns, Catalonia and England separation, Australia climate and denial, wherever you look the youth are on the march.

Funny it wasn’t that long ago the establishment were convinced youth had no interest in world affairs as they were wrapped up in their devices and less interested in the future.

How one young girl can change the agenda so quick. We now see grown adults behaving like kids in a schoolyard playing little gotcha games when youth asked real questions on their performance or non performance in power.

Why aren’t you at school? Who’s paying your wages, why did you fly by plane, don’t give them media coverage, know your place, and so on, these are all the responses when asked the simple question, “What are you doing about this specific issue”?

For decades now politicians have floated along with their 3 or 4 year tenures and let the electorate sort it out, but now we are back to the times where public opinion is here and now and autocratic responses do not cut it anymore.

Personally I feel physical aggression has no place in the protest movement as it degrades the issue you believe in, leave that to nutter extremists and they will be judged accordingly, and never forget public support is the key to winning and disrupting diminishes that support.

I understand many who have never had to fight for rights or conditions can be so blinkered, however those same people are default recipients of the things that those no hopers won by shaking cages.

Yes, “money for nothing and cheque’s for free”. Only for some.

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