Challenging the Convention of Marriage

At 70+ I was bought up with the respect of the institution of marriage and all that goes with it.

That institution can be good for some but toxic and downright dangerous and life threatening for others. Over time the institution has diminished but mainly in all faiths it is a inhibitor for those who are abused and do not want the added stigma of divorce if they are permitted.

Marriage the prison keeps victims close and secure under the screen of normality and privacy and is a barrier to police knowing exactly what is happening but cannot act where in normal circumstances violators can be just taken with appropriate evidence.

Has the marriage institution past its use by date?

OMG I can hear the religious lobby going for the voodoo dolls as a income stream comes under threat. Send in the Marriage Mafia to put the heavies on the natives as if people moved from institutionalised relationships to free relationships would be incomprehensible.

Nothing to stop individual agreements, legal or whatever but not religious or society driven contracts, just two people deciding to live together and if it fails the law not the churches to sort it.

No I have not got this right, but I want to start to question to stop #domesticviolence and it seems we just blame game in circles and we should start from where relationships are locked in and see if that is a issue that needs to be included.

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