An Old Boomer’s Ride

Autumn of life.

In my early years I was part of Strikes and Union activity, and later in life joined a political party all with the fire in the belly stuff regarded as Left or Socialists, or even Communist depending on your ideology.

It never worried me then nor today on external opinions and as I rode through the ranks of management those views were not as forthcoming granted but never left me nor surrendered, and when owning my own business I hope my principals spoke.

Now well in the second half of the life cycle I find I am not as tolerant to fools yet accept opposing opinions provided they are accept mine, and a intelligent debate is forthcoming.

Now, this is where it gets murky.

People of my age are much more street wise than later generations on life. Not so much technology or social interactions then and same as they could never live in the 60’s and 70’s in our hey days.

Totally understandable, but we knew how to pick a fraud, a Shysters, a mug Lare. a wife beater, a thief, and the underground network was extremely active. Not gossip, it was on the wire solid and if untrue it would be sorted as you would be told to your face in the appropriate place.

Such is fair dinkum chats, tidy up your game or ….

Today no one has the guts to be straight, and use the Gossip Tree or Nice to your face and back stab, which shows how The Australian character has changed. In the day it was what Pommy’s did along with their Class designations of your breeding or family wealth, or where you former address in England was.

It was foreign to me at the time as we were all in the same boat, we thought, but apparently not in other cultures, and football educated me in this area.

So having this grounding I sat back and watched, some thought with ignorance, or avoidance even, but with great appreciation of how the human race can be it’s own worst enemy.

Enter today’s society and it more than clear people have been dumbed down, either by it’s just to hard mummy, or I’m all right Jack Fuck you, or I’ll ignore it and maybe it’ll happen to someone else and then I might, yes might act if it effects me.

Yes the divide and rule, add debt combined with visions of grandeur of “I want TODAY” to keep up your social standing, your wedged into the capitalism mode where money is your owner, your kids owner and your life now your own bubble based on survival. Got ya, but you got you new SUV, House,Furniture, and all the tech, but your now working for the man for life, at the mercy of the money lenders.

Yep, my lot slept on the mattress on the floor, bare boards, 3rd hand furniture, no curtains, but we owned everything except the house, if not we just saved till we did.

Oh this boomer crap, where we all stuck together, passed down, helped do each others painting, renovations, gardens, concreting on weekends or week nights and was no trouble at all. It was the Aussie way, similar to the Greeks, Italians, and Asians who also used the Family culture to another level entirely and still today.

Yeah, today we all try to reinvent the wheel and celebrate when we discover it turns.

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