Let’s Get the Gloves Off

Many of us punters we believe that politicians should be accountable, transparent, and have should work for the benefit of the nation regardless of what level. Of government they are elected..

I know I dreamin., but I have had a gut full of politicians refusing to answer questions on anything outside their spin doctors script. We no longer have men and women of character who shake cages inside of their tent.

We have journalists now that run away like scolded children that give up a line of questioning when they should pursue the issue harder and deeper for reasons possibly to do with owners or employers political associations.

So what it that doing to democracy? What is that doing to the credibility of the media profession and it’s role to keep the people informed with balanced reporting and research.?

Once they the media step away and play yes men and women we no longer have a democracy we have a duopoly of left and right proper gander which in fact would suit the ones who wish to have dictatorship over democracy.

This outlet runs its and shame section weekly on Court outcomings so isn’t it time we hold our politicians who refuse to answer questions and revert to blurbs of bull shit when asked simple questions we are entitled to know so that we can judge them and their government or wanna be government with some data. We are not fools and should expose them as overpaid parasite flunkies tied to their ideological peeing posts.

No wonder the youth are moving world wide afters seeing these buffoons perform like bullies in a sand pit.

Sandpit Logic Dumbs America Down.

I astounded daily on what America today accepts as “the Normal”

I do watch and try to consume about 10 news outlets in the world every morning.

I see different slants on stories and totally different conclusions on outcomes, thats democracy I suppose and human prejudices , but in the majority of cases 99% the leader or subject of the story has the intellect to carry on a debate with reasoning that you may not accept but give some sort of credence or logic.

Outlets like Aljazera , DW, RT Today, China CCCT, BBC and many more not counting our own ABC locally, all put difficult questions and then it up to the respondent to qualify, explain, justify, or deny and then be accountable when fact checks are completed.

Not so anymore in America. The population is so divided, truth has fallen victim to political bias which is and will affect the total sociological structures yet they cannot see it coming.

This Impeachment circus is revealing how much intellectual debate has been hijacked to a point where the pillars of their justice system is being reduced to infantile sand pit banter by old white men that would be flat out achieving Grade 6 English in this country and that’s how the President wants it, regardless of that side you support.

Most of these men should be in Nursing Homes not power brokers, similar to the House of Lords which they themselves despise with a passion.

When a National Leader need an idiot sheet to say to a presser a THREE WORD STATEMENT begs the question of if the President of the United States is suffering a disability mental or physical, and his capability to consume his role.

His backers will quote his business achievement, wealth , social standing as evidence of qualification but in his case it’s been purely inherited from his parents, not him and the only thing he can lay claim for is live tv productions that are crass ,phoney, and fake like him and he has taken those qualities to the White House and they have b been dumbed down accordingly.

He has surrounded himself in yes people army who are scared shitless as the Gestapo was when Hitler raged, then went out to please to stay on the good books.

Then the simple fact is Obama was black and the Redneck right could never accept that fact ever, and how he survived without assassination attempt is unbelievable in my eyes but that’s not to say it did not happen or discovered.

Secondly the Clintons are Crooks as is most of the American upper class. They rely on the “Thug” mentality throughout their lives and Trump is one of them yet playing the Professional Wrestling Card of Good Guy Bad Guy definition sucked in the American audience as he did on the TV fake shows of his creation.

Yet in saying that his supporters abandoned their ethics and credibility and joined his coat tails to survive, and they too will never recover the status they surrendered.

Now America you are at a tipping point, the impeachment will never happen, and it has to decide if it repeats history and divides the country into Blue and Red and regardless if Trump wins or looses he will wage war, not just political war but civil as well as his followers all propaganda juiced will never accept the peoples wish and he does not have the class or intelligence to calm the waters.

They say a government is only as good as its opposition and by Christ I see them too looking at rich white men for salvation where what the nation needs is a leader that not only America need but the rest of the world needs, a person with integrity and courage, leadership and vision without personal gain

Big call in a country where money is the gauge of success not Ask not what the Country can do for you, but what you can do for your country

Seemed fitting didn’t it?

Truth over Murdock Propaganda Critical in Australia.

I try to look at election campaigns across the free world objectively and I do hold my own political biases but we must rely on the media to give deliver truth, ethics and that in itself is sometimes is a problem depending on which outlet one chooses to read.

The line between news, opinion then verging on propaganda in this country sadly is mirroring America and this campaign is descending into that gutter by the Murdock press.

We have seen in past elections attacks on PM’s openly saying bag and drown the bitch, burn the witch, and many other slogans prominently splattered across mastheads and now we are sinking into attacks on politicians mothers.

Has Australian politics sunk that far or is it being dragged down by this organisation to keep what it sees as the right people to keep its organisation with a say in how our governments run?

We as Australians deserve better than this rubbish. We should not accept material that an never be described as journalism.

I am well aware this paper is owned by Murdock and it does not reflect its owners, as we do have editors around the country that maintain journalistic standards clearly reported when Palmer Party tried to ethically corrupt.

I’m pretty sure most intelligent Australians will not accept this American style of confronting intimidatory politics and demand balanced reporting, however painful it might be to our egos.

Strategic Sub Editing but the point was not lost, only the culprit hidden. 😂

Fake Fibre Obsolete On Delivery

As a former employee of Telstra and well trained in the capabilities of what the fibre network is capable of from its inception I struggle with what Australians have been forced to accept with the present NBN.

The network being rolled out as we speak is obselete in its present form and its capacity deliberately limited by this government to retain and protect current media monopolies.

When introduced in its infancy traffic in the fibre tubes was limited, but as technology expanded the capacity is only governed by what is hung on the end, therefore not only businesses ,households, the elderly sent to nursing homes, the sick or injured could have equipment ( health packs as invisaged) available in home ,with direct access to doctors and nursing staff and mobile doctors 24/7 cutting costs across the entire health spectrum. This is only one sector that has been restricted by this governments decision to retain copper and deliver a split network, one for the masses and one for the clients that can reap the benefits if they are wealthy enough.

Communication was legislated as a essential service in this country until privatisation, so their is no reason to get excited when you get a pay for a service that could deliver much more for the same cost, and that equation applies nationally.

It’s like buying a brand new car with 3 good tires and a retread and a free bumper bar thrown in.

Editorial Cut Sees My Health references irrelevant

The Unrecognised Aussie of the Year

By the time this goes to press The Australian of the Year 2019 would have been named and celebrated and well deserved. Some excellent nominations from all walks of life representing diverse parts of our great Australian culture.
But.. could we pause for second and look at the how we come to selecting the nominees and the criteria of those nominees.
I totally support the nominees but maybe we could extend the range of qualifications outside the professionals who get paid to promote their selected causes and give a chance to those who are not as high profile, the quiet achiever, the unknown Australian who looks after the elderly, the nurse or the emergency worker, the tradesman, the volunteer, who delivers the patients or food to outside venues who just does his or her thing often for a lifetime but will never get a chance at the big gig.
Yes I know we have local/state awards but that should not exclude a nominee just because of his or her personal status profile. We are at last considering the balance of men and women across our society so maybe we could look at rebalancing the nominee process.
And yes I do not want to be on the selection Panel

Our Visit to Queensland Parliament..

The invitation came, we thought no, then why not.

My local State Member Jim Madden’s office emailed me a invitation to join him and some other constituents to a afternoon BBQ and tour of Queenslland Parliament House on the 2nd December 2018 and after some hesitation both headed off to a unknown destination for a adventure. Not bad for two over sixty sixes.

Planning as I do the journey I proceeded past my beloved German Club and proceeded to cross the Story Bridge, down Ivory Street, past the old Waterside Workers Club of my childhood, left at the Customs House and down to what I thought was Parliament House,confusing that with the Parliamentary Annex which was our destination.

Typically we asked security who sent us to get a parking available but not explained to the security guard it was for disabled, consequently we circled the place twice then out of frustration returned to the guard who said Oh, park right here, this is the place your looking for. R..I..G..H…T..!!!!!

On entry we were scanned, X-rayed and interrogated all part of the hospitality then aimed towards the lifts and told the 7th floor was the target zone.

On entry welcomed accordingly and after introductions proceeded to have light refreshments and good conversation with fellow Ipswich people.

The subjects were broad but all ended up on a political narrative with topics from all levels of government with varying opinions, complying with the location.

After a sumptuous lunch, love the snags, we set out to tour our place of democracy in Queensland.

And impressive it was, steeped in history and tradition, and enlightening to us who follow the political game on what we see via the media and how it really is.

I got to sit in the Speakers Chair and that was recorded, as that is not how it works in my house where she who must be obeyed reins and often I’m in the Opposition.

We were treated to a extensive history lesson and fittingly the day concluded in the Parliamentary Chook House, home of the chickens who look after the herb and vegetable gardens used in the Parliamentary kitchen. Yes they do have real chefs and people employed in hospitality.

Really it’s a experience worth engaging in if you truly interested in how our democracy works.

Thanks Jim Madden Alp Member for West Ipswich. And staff for a memorable balmy Sunday afternoon indulging in Queensland history.

Time for our Youth To Shine.

Oh dear, the older we get the more wiser we are supposed to become.

We will always get those who think the old days were the best, the lifestyles were simple, so that’s good enough for us today, why change, and Now that group has become a political movement.

I’m a 50’s kid and we lived a dream compared to our parents, but ask our parents now if they lived a dream you will get a completely opposite response.

I’m yet to see those pushing the Trumpian ideology of protectionism, anti climate, anti migration, anti equal women’s opportunities, racial and religious divide, provide one forward thinking policy. They see our countries future is to go backwards to the way it was.

The hate youth involvement because it shakes the foundations of what is your place in society , your too young to understand, the cry, forgetting that youth today has 1000 times the access to information that was only available when a newspaper was finished being read or when the radio TV was turned on.

At 21 I could not have a beer in a pub but I could go to war at 19. Only the well off could go to university regardless if you had the talent, as long as you had the money, while the state school kids had to fight for a single grant, and the trades were regarded as the lower end of the class divide., and the shop assistants and labourers were servants.

They will have you believe they were the good times, and they were for the privalaged.

I see a case in today’s world for the voting age to be dropped to 16 as those young people today know and are aware and mature as much as some of the so called adult punters that go to the polls and vote informal deliberately, or turn up just to avoid fines.

We’ve run our race, started wars, split nations, invented weapons, diseases to destroy the the planet, yet say to our youth your too young.

What utter rot.

Polling Complacency, a Danger to Our Culture.

The expulsion of the young Nationals should start the alarm bells ringing in all political institutions in Australia.

The simple fact the strategy was to infiltrate a major party and change political platforms in such a blatant way and go unchecked shows that our political systems can be influenced by the extreme be it left or right and the smaller parties are not exempt.

On social media I am seeing groups accelerate decisive propaganda preying on people’s emotions, encouraging religious and cultural divide, all in the name of being “Real Australians” a nationalistic trend that is happening across the globe by ult-right organisations. These groups thrive when people become political disenfranchised and results in people voting for the minors as a protest vote. Those minors are easy meat for the extremists as the structures are in place and the numbers easier to be stacked and then balance of power is the objective.

I am in favour of competition in our democracy but I do not want to see our divide grow as it has in America. We are smarter than that I hope, but let’s not fall into the trap that “all politicians and Parties are the same”, either, their not. Some ideologies are deadly serious to change our culture to one controlled by interest groups similar to the NRA.

Be aware punters, not complacent.

America worries Me, but so did Hitler.

Far be it us Australians dare to even think how the American thought process works in regard to their politics. I’m guilty and have been severely reprimanded for not knowing, understating, the culture and drawing comparisons is a capital offence, but as my football team motto is “MIA san MIA” I am who I am, we are who we are I will try to use the thing that has always got me into the shit, basic logic, to get some perspective on the collapse as I see it of once a great nation.

Firstly as I watch this Kavanah judge episode it’s clear to me now, as the new nominee blatantly sided with the Trump narrative in regards to due process, weather the accusations are right or wrong a potential judge should not allow personal opinion be part of his judgements. Process is process, and the process is flawed I agree but he knew or should have known he and his family would be scrutinised totally, but with a job for LIFE that scrutiny should be in undeniably microscopic.

Secondly, the summoning of the female was tough but again part of a flawed process and was I believed carried out with as much respect as possible under the circumstances.

Then, the bile the so called President released about her after at the rally was sickening, uncouth, from a person who displayed the intellect of a little boy in a schoolyard surrounded by his gang.

I, sorry the world must ask does this president have a disability? Aspergillosis, bipolar, even schizophrenia would explain his behaviour pattern, if not America you have elected a very dangerous potential dictator.

If Kavanah goes ahead and it will I feel every one that appears before him will have the right to challenge his neutrality and with the evidence he himself has made by declaring his hate for the Democrats would nullify or make his judgments untenable, in our country at least. The State and The Law never compromised, unless you want to go down the totallatarian road, and once that happens you have gestapo reigning society.

The divide of both political forces is slowly moving to a point where reconciliation is impossible under Trump. His survival depended on making that divide wider not closer, so next phase in my estimation is expansion of extreme civil disobedience, culminating in open conflict, which both sides fanatics will escalate into civil war.

The TV networks are setting the agendas and the battle lines are becoming clearer. The hard liners both sides are digging in, while no one seems to see bush fire coming.

Apathy and ignorance are the allies to those who choose to dumb down nations, and sadly with illiteracy level in America outnumbering our Australian population its easier to spread propaganda, fear and lies unchallenged.

Internationally the confidence in America has declined as it withdraws inwardly and some as here will see that as good, however the vacuum will be filled by whoever and the world will continue to trade with or without and make adjustments accordingly, so playing the “look at me card” as Trump did at the UN was only appreciated in his own mind while the response needed no explanation.

And lastly, when a President boasts of assault of women uses it as a election platform and gets elected says heaps about their so called Christian and ethical standings. I’m a atheist so it really amazes me how they use their beliefs to justify yet conveniently forget when it suits the narrative. It’s hypocrisy on stilts, the Christian ethic seems to only be in force Sunday’s while the other six days you can make arseholes of yourselves but you god will forgive you Sunday in church. That philosophy extends not only to America I may add it happens here too, but a nation who shoves its flag and religion up as some some sort of world order and treats any women who stands against the testosterone establishment as a inconvenient troublemaker, gold digger, lying bitch, slut, says heaps about the way their males are educated or not educated.

I’ve said enough as I wait for the high court decision and thank someone else’s god I live where I live.

Blubbering Councillors Be Gone.

I think most ipswich people’s tissue boxes are empty from all the tears we have shed for the dismissed council public servants. Strange I did not hear the same blubbering when the 100’s of Dinmore, Churchill and Wullkaraka workers were dismissed, none of their fault other than not being profitable for their employers.

The fact that none of the councillors complied with Corporate Governance obligations on knowing what exactly was going on within has been forgotten leaving us to assume each and every one worked within their own bubble in their divisions oblivious of what each other were or were not complying.

The pleas of innocence has built the case that all of the divisions must be dissolved and councillors must be centralised so ignorance will no longer be a excuse and accountability and move,ents to ratepayers monitored. This would be cost effective as car pooling, individual office overheads and staffing would be centralised.

Ratepayers should be reminded Council and Councillors are instruments of the state government not governments in their own right so councillors are employees as is any person working for the ratepayers, their are not special cases as some think, and they know exactly what they are in for when they decide to seek election., so when the next election comes around I hope the Shiltz’s Helmets are issued to those who pleaded ignorance, as we the ratepayers want people that know exactly what is happening and will speak up publicly when any doubtful actions, decisions occur including election funding..

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