Blubbering Councillors Be Gone.

I think most ipswich people’s tissue boxes are empty from all the tears we have shed for the dismissed council public servants. Strange I did not hear the same blubbering when the 100’s of Dinmore, Churchill and Wullkaraka workers were dismissed, none of their fault other than not being profitable for their employers.

The fact that none of the councillors complied with Corporate Governance obligations on knowing what exactly was going on within has been forgotten leaving us to assume each and every one worked within their own bubble in their divisions oblivious of what each other were or were not complying.

The pleas of innocence has built the case that all of the divisions must be dissolved and councillors must be centralised so ignorance will no longer be a excuse and accountability and move,ents to ratepayers monitored. This would be cost effective as car pooling, individual office overheads and staffing would be centralised.

Ratepayers should be reminded Council and Councillors are instruments of the state government not governments in their own right so councillors are employees as is any person working for the ratepayers, their are not special cases as some think, and they know exactly what they are in for when they decide to seek election., so when the next election comes around I hope the Shiltz’s Helmets are issued to those who pleaded ignorance, as we the ratepayers want people that know exactly what is happening and will speak up publicly when any doubtful actions, decisions occur including election funding..

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