America worries Me, but so did Hitler.

Far be it us Australians dare to even think how the American thought process works in regard to their politics. I’m guilty and have been severely reprimanded for not knowing, understating, the culture and drawing comparisons is a capital offence, but as my football team motto is “MIA san MIA” I am who I am, we are who we are I will try to use the thing that has always got me into the shit, basic logic, to get some perspective on the collapse as I see it of once a great nation.

Firstly as I watch this Kavanah judge episode it’s clear to me now, as the new nominee blatantly sided with the Trump narrative in regards to due process, weather the accusations are right or wrong a potential judge should not allow personal opinion be part of his judgements. Process is process, and the process is flawed I agree but he knew or should have known he and his family would be scrutinised totally, but with a job for LIFE that scrutiny should be in undeniably microscopic.

Secondly, the summoning of the female was tough but again part of a flawed process and was I believed carried out with as much respect as possible under the circumstances.

Then, the bile the so called President released about her after at the rally was sickening, uncouth, from a person who displayed the intellect of a little boy in a schoolyard surrounded by his gang.

I, sorry the world must ask does this president have a disability? Aspergillosis, bipolar, even schizophrenia would explain his behaviour pattern, if not America you have elected a very dangerous potential dictator.

If Kavanah goes ahead and it will I feel every one that appears before him will have the right to challenge his neutrality and with the evidence he himself has made by declaring his hate for the Democrats would nullify or make his judgments untenable, in our country at least. The State and The Law never compromised, unless you want to go down the totallatarian road, and once that happens you have gestapo reigning society.

The divide of both political forces is slowly moving to a point where reconciliation is impossible under Trump. His survival depended on making that divide wider not closer, so next phase in my estimation is expansion of extreme civil disobedience, culminating in open conflict, which both sides fanatics will escalate into civil war.

The TV networks are setting the agendas and the battle lines are becoming clearer. The hard liners both sides are digging in, while no one seems to see bush fire coming.

Apathy and ignorance are the allies to those who choose to dumb down nations, and sadly with illiteracy level in America outnumbering our Australian population its easier to spread propaganda, fear and lies unchallenged.

Internationally the confidence in America has declined as it withdraws inwardly and some as here will see that as good, however the vacuum will be filled by whoever and the world will continue to trade with or without and make adjustments accordingly, so playing the “look at me card” as Trump did at the UN was only appreciated in his own mind while the response needed no explanation.

And lastly, when a President boasts of assault of women uses it as a election platform and gets elected says heaps about their so called Christian and ethical standings. I’m a atheist so it really amazes me how they use their beliefs to justify yet conveniently forget when it suits the narrative. It’s hypocrisy on stilts, the Christian ethic seems to only be in force Sunday’s while the other six days you can make arseholes of yourselves but you god will forgive you Sunday in church. That philosophy extends not only to America I may add it happens here too, but a nation who shoves its flag and religion up as some some sort of world order and treats any women who stands against the testosterone establishment as a inconvenient troublemaker, gold digger, lying bitch, slut, says heaps about the way their males are educated or not educated.

I’ve said enough as I wait for the high court decision and thank someone else’s god I live where I live.

The Fish Rots From the Head Down.

Where are we headed.?

We as a nation have accepted the genocide of people trying to escape persecution treating them as invaders, we see our aboriginals cultures slowly be decimated for non conformity, we allow our churches to protect and hide known pedophiles and when caught out protect them then do everything to stop full compensation while their hierarchy’s bath in gold.

America withdraws from The Human Rights Council as it caught doing what the Nazi did separating mothers from children as a punishment, as we watch Israel systematically crush a civilisation with the blessings of our gutless leaders too scared stand up for what they must know is wrong but choose to ignore it for political or monitory gain.

Who is asking the hard questions, who is putting the alternative point of view? Certainly not main stream media. Are They are lapdogs to the system and I wonder where is the journalistic ethics taught in their diplomas gone?

The standard you choose to ignore are the standards you accept.

Public opinion still has power but people need to be informed and that information is power and as we are witnessing the attack on the ABC for questioning government. Thats their job. All governments dislike scrutiny and attacking the ABC messenger is par for the course whoever is in power.

Please ask yourself now if this trend continues, what type of a society will we leave our grandkids.?

They went to war to save us what we are seeing and accepting now as the new normal, or is it just too hard?

I don’t accept the present standard, do you?

The fish rots from the head down.

Edited extensively in the QT.

Australia turning Hard Right…




I suppose you could say we have had a pretty good perspective of what we in Australia can expect from our Conservotive Governments

It is a well known fact that any government that takes over will magically find out that thing are never what they expected, and they have to do these “new” things to correct the bad things the former government has done. Yeah we heard it all before.

Well not quite, changing the right of association to talk to a  person they the government rule as criminal even though they have NEVER been charged with a offence, up to 5 years in the slammer.

Any person involved in a group of more than 3 who they the government regard as could be part of a criminal Element without proof can be charged.

Wearing a tattoo or a accessory that displays what they regard as a criminal element, arrest and possible jail.

Yes this is Australia we are talking about, not Russia or Nazi Germany, a democracy allegedly.

Then we have a Federal Government not just backflipping on elected promises but totally lying to the electorate on campaign promises that cannot be denied. Politicians practicing nepotism, and caught thieving from the public funds.

The Public Watchdog Committee sacked after exposing a member lying. Yes this is Australia!!! 

And they the born to rule class see nothing wrong with any of the above. They see themselves above the law and the only lawmaker that counts. 

Total Power= Total Corruption.

And what recourse does the rest of the population do while all this is happening? They are moving now to take the voting rights away from the people who are under privaligned, destitute, or unable to have proof of who they are, including our own indigenous population.

This is not the Australia we voted for, this is not a country that says the lower class workers are getting paid too much so the upper crust can make more profits. Cutting health services, education and support for the aged while supporting the upper class handouts is not Australian Fair Go. It’s something a Right Wing Capitalist see as the normal where the entire world revolves around the dollar.

How often have we heard the pathetic simplistic paraphrase that the The Country is like the corner grocery shop? If it Fails to run at a profit it closes. What a load of CRAP. Only a total idiot would believe that, and expect a thinking person to accept that, but that’s the audience the LNP and other Right Wing supporters expect the masses to believe that their country is even similar to a corner store. But that’s about the mentality where social conscious is never a consideration. 

Sadly I feel we are in very dangerous times in our nations history. A Prime Minister and the Queensland Premier who are totally out of their depth being governed by Murdock Press, Tea Party advisers from outside the country and a ultra right wing ideology that can only come from the Hitler era. 

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