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I suppose you could say we have had a pretty good perspective of what we in Australia can expect from our Conservotive Governments

It is a well known fact that any government that takes over will magically find out that thing are never what they expected, and they have to do these “new” things to correct the bad things the former government has done. Yeah we heard it all before.

Well not quite, changing the right of association to talk to a  person they the government rule as criminal even though they have NEVER been charged with a offence, up to 5 years in the slammer.

Any person involved in a group of more than 3 who they the government regard as could be part of a criminal Element without proof can be charged.

Wearing a tattoo or a accessory that displays what they regard as a criminal element, arrest and possible jail.

Yes this is Australia we are talking about, not Russia or Nazi Germany, a democracy allegedly.

Then we have a Federal Government not just backflipping on elected promises but totally lying to the electorate on campaign promises that cannot be denied. Politicians practicing nepotism, and caught thieving from the public funds.

The Public Watchdog Committee sacked after exposing a member lying. Yes this is Australia!!! 

And they the born to rule class see nothing wrong with any of the above. They see themselves above the law and the only lawmaker that counts. 

Total Power= Total Corruption.

And what recourse does the rest of the population do while all this is happening? They are moving now to take the voting rights away from the people who are under privaligned, destitute, or unable to have proof of who they are, including our own indigenous population.

This is not the Australia we voted for, this is not a country that says the lower class workers are getting paid too much so the upper crust can make more profits. Cutting health services, education and support for the aged while supporting the upper class handouts is not Australian Fair Go. It’s something a Right Wing Capitalist see as the normal where the entire world revolves around the dollar.

How often have we heard the pathetic simplistic paraphrase that the The Country is like the corner grocery shop? If it Fails to run at a profit it closes. What a load of CRAP. Only a total idiot would believe that, and expect a thinking person to accept that, but that’s the audience the LNP and other Right Wing supporters expect the masses to believe that their country is even similar to a corner store. But that’s about the mentality where social conscious is never a consideration. 

Sadly I feel we are in very dangerous times in our nations history. A Prime Minister and the Queensland Premier who are totally out of their depth being governed by Murdock Press, Tea Party advisers from outside the country and a ultra right wing ideology that can only come from the Hitler era. 

One thought on “Australia turning Hard Right…

  1. I hate being treated as an idiot by politicians who expect us to believe everything they say, when it is so obvious they are talking garbage with heaps of spin added.

    I am not dumb, Mr Pollie, I was educated, and have had a lot of experience in the school of life.

    Being elected into government does NOT give Mr Pollie a mandate to treat people with indifference.

    My thoughts on this debacle can be seen in this cartoon . . . .




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