The Fish Rots From the Head Down.

Where are we headed.?

We as a nation have accepted the genocide of people trying to escape persecution treating them as invaders, we see our aboriginals cultures slowly be decimated for non conformity, we allow our churches to protect and hide known pedophiles and when caught out protect them then do everything to stop full compensation while their hierarchy’s bath in gold.

America withdraws from The Human Rights Council as it caught doing what the Nazi did separating mothers from children as a punishment, as we watch Israel systematically crush a civilisation with the blessings of our gutless leaders too scared stand up for what they must know is wrong but choose to ignore it for political or monitory gain.

Who is asking the hard questions, who is putting the alternative point of view? Certainly not main stream media. Are They are lapdogs to the system and I wonder where is the journalistic ethics taught in their diplomas gone?

The standard you choose to ignore are the standards you accept.

Public opinion still has power but people need to be informed and that information is power and as we are witnessing the attack on the ABC for questioning government. Thats their job. All governments dislike scrutiny and attacking the ABC messenger is par for the course whoever is in power.

Please ask yourself now if this trend continues, what type of a society will we leave our grandkids.?

They went to war to save us what we are seeing and accepting now as the new normal, or is it just too hard?

I don’t accept the present standard, do you?

The fish rots from the head down.

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Israeli Victim Card Overstated and Overplayed.

Why is it every time we see troubles in the Middle East, Gaza in particular Israel is always reported as the victim?

I saw people waving a flag shot by snipers, people running away shot in the back, yet Israel was defending itself from protesters unarmed protesters. No Israeli casualties reported.

Yes, Palestine does retaliate as Israel continues to expand and its become more evident Israel is not part or just plays lip service to any two state solution and Trump has supported that ideology within his embassy shift.

Make no mistake the move of embassy secured funding for his Republican Party and Netanyahu knows money reins supreme, and action the rest of world would regard as terrorism can be bought off by the threat giving or withdrawing currency, media outlets included.

If in any other place this latest Trump/Netanyahu decision outcome would be described as a massacre, but media outlets chose to totally downplay the deaths and show the nationalistic images of celebrations of new beginnings.

Ironical isn’t it thats exactly what Hitler did as he expanded.

Gutless Media and Politicians Under Instruction

As my stomach churns on another shooting in America is broadcast worldwide, I’m totally frustrated on how the media and politicians decide which story has legs to make political hay or sell content to attract revenue.

Over the last 3 days there has been a incident where unarmed people have been shot by snipers in a open field and not one word from our political leaders, not one headline from our national papers and the story hidden to the back pages without any editorial comment.

My opinions on the rights and wrongs of the Israel Palestine conflict is on the record but in a world where we are led to believe we main stream media can be trusted and our political leaders should have a position on right and wrong the silence of both is sickening.

It’s quite obvious both have come to a agreement not to highlight the fact it happened so they do not have to take a position not to upset the Israel government. There I said it.

A government that expels journalists that challenges any government internal actions detrimental to its survival or ideology, and politicians here that are too gutless to stand up and say anything so as not to upset the Jewish voters and their sponsorships, leaves me and many others thinking where are the real men and women leaders who will stand up and at least take a position and defend it, challenge it in true democratic debate in the tabloids and the floor of parliament.

Simplistic view really knowing the pressure of money makes problems disappear along with ethics and morals as the majority bag their heads as instructed.

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