And Around We Go Again!

You would reckon about 6 months out from a election a government would have its act together but not on your sweet Nellie we have.
With those polls the politicians all knee jerk to showing a swing against the Government the Media yes Media is talking up a challenge. We have to ask why but I suppose if you don’t have much to report or your too lazy to get up off your bum to find real stories you just create it and report it as fact.
No, I am being a little too hypersensitive I suppose but there is some truth in the way they do “creative press”.
Personally, right now in Australian politics the people are not listening to Julia Gillard. That’s from a party member too. Kevin Rudd was the deposed Emperor by the factions and still has political credibility across the nation still regardless of what you are fed by the press. We have a right wing state government that has presumed a ideology that would be introduced across the nation if Abbott was to win government, however the rest of the nation does not know or realise the impact nationally if those policies were introduced nationally.
This nation would be on the streets within 6 months as they are in Europe, but they,as punters are usually vote without much thought, just what they get from the 60 second news grabs or what they hear at the lunch table at work.
Back to Rudd. He may not win the election if he has a run at the leadership but he will certainly change the political landscape, something the ALP need to do to sell their achievements, instead of defending the truth. Negativity sells to the ignorant.
The circus continues…..


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