The Frock is Falling

Oh Dear!!
Now we don’t know what to believe. We all were of the belief that the Pope was old and frail and wanted out for the good of his successor, then after a while the masses started to give that some thought.
What about the things he said he was going to address? Endemic Pedophelia for one, seems to have been conveniently washed over in the kuffaffel of his departure now it has been revealed total corruption has been exposed that all have known about.

I am not a Catholic nor do I follow any Protestant Church and I respect any God you may feel you feel you need to follow, however I do object to having any religion or God shoved up in front of me. I am a member of the human race first and foremost and the best I can offer is respect to all religions , however I am troubled with the biggest business in the world conning its constituents.


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