All about Attitude…

Yesterday I decided to venture into my Town for the first time since Francis the new Hip has been installed.
Getting the basics, Fuel, meat, groceries all that stuff but foe me was getting out of the bloody house into the Landy and basically scenery change.
Well I sat their in the local supermarket crutches at my side and saying g,day to many, having a yarn to those who needed one, general human interaction.
On the other side though their was some who distinctly went out of their way not to be seen..
Now this could be put down to many factors. I do have a tendency to call it as it is , and I have left the local golf club and gone to the opposition. No browny points their, so its a laugh when you see old people acting like kids in a schoolyard.
Well I suppose that’s small town mentality, and I knew straight away why I did not frequent the town before, which is sad, but as people get older many seem to get bitter instead of the reverse as they need more interaction instead of isolating it.
Anyway that’s their problem, I’m outta here and a life to live…


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