Francis the New Hip Has Issues

Well it’s like this. After a while you new hip replacement need to stand on its own two feet. It’s between over 3 weeks since Francis was fitted and things aren’t going too bad.
Pain yes, but no where near as much as with the old hip.. Different pain too in fact….
Getting off the big cannons for pain relief is a issue that must be addressed.
People stay on them too long and addiction is a issue.
For Me its back to off the self stuff now like it or lump it. That comes with issues too, constipation, sleep imbalance but it has to be overcome.
The body is still accepting its foreign insertion I believe and shock is still a factor even after 3 weeks, but for a bloke who has never had a major operation this is a totally new experience.
One step a a time says the physio and she is pretty right. No hero tics she said just do as your told. She said and banned me from driving for 6 months…
I said forget the hip I want drugs for sitting beside the wife while she is driving and keeping my mouth shut!!!!
Not a good statement with a room full of women in her surgery. I got the appropriate responses loud and clear.
I sat down in the corner, as you do…. Verbally assaulted in the foetus position..
Well that’s about it up until now….


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