Shutdown the Politicians Pay first.

As we in Australia watch in amazement the shutdown of American people’s livelihoods, one can’t help seeing the similarities of what is happening to what we went through with a hung parliament for 3 years…
Its common knowledge that the current government was advised by the Tea Party tacticians over its period in opposition and the obstructionist tactics are exactly as wel,as the posture we are witnessing in America.
It a narrow perspective, small target strategy but they see as a effective way to bulldoze legislation regardless of protocols and respect for the people effected who just are regarded as collateral damage..
Is this the new way of doing business? Or is it actual blackmail bordering of terror tactics?
Politics is supposed to be ruff and tumble but when the punters are the pawns and their lives seen as irrelevant it the cause its time to look hard at why we are paying these politicians wages at all.
If we cut their wages and put a penalty on every day they did not get compromise I am sure the problems would just disappear.


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