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Well it was my idea. I take full responsibility.
After my best mate passed on about 6months ago I/we decided it was a good idea to get another dog as a companion.
Well the last was a ridgeback Dane and so intelligent we/I thought the similarities would be good and we may get a similar personality as for the past 10 years….
Wrong….. Wrong… So far anyway.
We took possession of a ridgeback, a dear little thing and for about 4 hours we were in charge…
Then it all changed. Yes we got the runt of the litter, the one that struggled to survive in a litter of 13 and did get some human interaction early in its life so what could be better for two sixty year olds to have as a companion and guardian as we all grow older….
Well we did give our last pet the run of the house and property and she appreciated the freedom and acted as a true guard dog. Fooled everybody, she was a sook but a big sook with a bark like a bull whip. Her presence was intimidating to many but once inside the sanctum she had you were a friend if you behaved yourself and not show aggression to her owners or as she may see it as fellow pack members.
The new one although only 5months old is showing great pack mentality too, only we are still deciding who will lead the pack… A battle of wills at times you might say or at time bloody warfare.
When your sixty your skin is not as tough as it used to be, and claws even though they may be well meaning hugs make you bleed and you prized shoes become toys along with clothes, plants, pots anything that has movement.

In fact sometimes you become a soft toy if you are not careful and those love rely puppy teeth are like piraña’s.
And who doesn’t mind being woken in the morning with some loverly kisses, that turn to bites if you don’t move.
Yes we have had altercations,and that is continuing but you know it has given us both life. A new kid that needs to be taught how to behave in public.
Life for her is one big game at present, and its like having a teenager rampaging your house but this time without the heavy metal chords.
Yep and as mother has gone away for a few days its just her and me to sort it out and we will ….. I think.. I have a mate who is a doctor if needed, and if I keep up the food we should survive the ordeal.
I think….
To be continued I hope…….

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