Which God SuitsYou?

Well today I responded to a newspaper asking if the bible thought should be withdrawn from publication?
My response was ” if the religion was prepared to pay for the publication then why not?” If it was free to Christians then it should be free to every other religion” . Fair I thought…..

Well, I’m not saying if Christianity is my God, or whatever but the Christians thought it was their “Right” as I was informed this is a Christian country..
Well it isn’t, nor is it a Islamic country or any other country, religious sects don’t own countries nor beliefs.
How often are we all put in the same basket without our permission or just assumed that their god is your god if you have one…
Personally religions have a lot to answer for… How many people have died in wars with their god on their side?? How many children molested or killed or mentally destroyed by the keepers of religions? The fire and brimstone terror if you don’t comply.. Not just Christianity, but many so called beliefs to save you from damnation..

Lets cut to the chase here, it all about gaining followers, then money building the biggest or controlling the biggest power brokers, governments to support their cause, or in some cases protect their interests. The biggest business in the world is religion, and convincing the masses is the control of minds. Once you have the mind you have the person, and all religions are guilty in degrees.
This is not taking away the good some do and their followers do. They do make differences in people’s lives and their are some who dedicate their lives to helping humanity and must be highly commended, and the negatives should never overcome the positives of what can be achieved by humans for other humans in the name of their god. That’s what we are “supposed”to do being the top of the chain, but some times what we do to each other I am often in despair, and I ask what John Lennon asked “what it be like without religion or borders, do you think we can”??

Probably not in my lifetime but hope up the road they could take control of our own destinies, with quality of life be the benchmark not the amount of money, power, that is used to control us.

Let It Be Just Imagine what we could do….

I know I’m dreaming again….


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