Been some water under the Bridge..

Since the last post a bit has and is going on.. In my life the asbestosis is staying static I think and that’s a real positive. You have some good and bad days but that’s just how it works.
The new Golf club is still enjoyable to attend. Some great friends have been made and I can still get in 18 in the cart but it takes me a day or two to recover.. That’s fine to, and even occasionally I travel to play in a masters event on a different course which adds to the friendship circle…
Wife has decided only one day volunteering is enough, and spend more time in the paddock gardening. Still has that aversion to housework.
The White ants damage I’m addressing but that’s another story.
I got into strife also for not participating in Club politics at the new club but I’ve been burnt before and no replays please.. But I have no issue in advising the young people who have put their hands up to manage if they ask for advice.. But only if they ask…
Outside me my boy is still fighting mental illness and at 40 it’s a tough is due especially when the present government thinks all with a disability can work. He wants to work but can’t as his condition fluctuates and no employer will chance a time bomb on a machine or project, and that’s what is adding to his condition… A self feeding prophecy that takes its toll on all that is touched by mental illnesses and their families.
The house is about to go under a refit in places.. Guttering, roofing, painting, carpets, bathroom, and those white ant repairs.. It all goes on..
This Saturday we go to the polls, and I hope people have the intelligence to vote for what is good for our country and kids not just themselves..
My principals have always been Labor, even in business I was Labor. This trickle down crap from the rich is the world biggest con job but watch, greed jumps on their back and they all think they can join the elete, little do they know the truth that only the selected get the invitation and the rest dream. Spreading wealth from the bottom up boosts the economies while the Right pocket the wealth and feed crumbs to the underclasses.. Praying on the simpletons, keeping them scared, dividing their loyalties, playing the race card, and most of all keeping big business running governments, it’s a ploy played out all over the world by the Right, and we wonder why we have extremists multiplying…. Der…
If we want to leave our world a better place for our children, we have to consider our society and it’s principals.
Enough already…. It’s time for lunch… A sardine sandwich and a glass of water…. That’s plenty for us pensioners…


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