Truth after Defrocking 

So our ex Prime Minister is in England telling his like minded Christians to close borders and turn back refugees.That’s a real Christian thing to do isn’t it?

Preserve the race he said, don’t let your culture be contaminated with foreigners, fine words from a good Catholic ex priest. 

Whatever way you look at it it has the Arian Hitler undertones, Or is it they do not want other religions on their patch or both. 

The right to seek asylum is becoming non existent, in fact it’s becoming a crime, supported by a brotherhood of frightened old men around the world clinging to power that will do and say anything to keep the population dumb enough and scared enough to retain their pay packets.

In Australia we are a country of immigrants. We committed genocide on our Aboriginals as did the Americans on their Indians, in a latter day Holocaust, something our forefathers we’re proud of. Yes we civilised the savages, but it was their home , we invaded, raped and pillaged as did the Romans and Vikings, but ours was in the name of God. Our God, not theirs, so that justifies the end result. 

But we feel threatened when we see people fleeing oppression wanting sanctuary. Have we been led up the garden path so much we are now so insecure in our own country, a land born on multiculturalism and not to allow that multiculturalism to flourish and evolve would be tragic.

If we have the old men have won. The old adages of divide and conquer, dumb them down, information is power, we will tell you only what you need to know, trust us we know more about… Be aware be scared, it’s the migrants fault.. All spin to keep the brotherhood in tact regardless of what side of centralised political spectrum is in power. 

In our case Abbott the ex PM run the case “stop the boats” stating he was providing to put the people smugglers out of business, but today the true case was to stop immigrants from our cultural contamination, which strangely while in power denied their was any racial undertones by only giving Christians minority’s visas.

Amazing how the truth appears when going abroad, without the spin doctors, but be aware we probably are witnessing the new career of Tony Abbott supported by Murdock on the Right Wing Nutters Circuit coming to a town near you. 

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