The LNP’s Trump Faction hard at work.

I would be the last person to tell the LNP how to do their business, however putting that aside I do take issue with the media description of them having a “female” problem within their ranks.

The truth is they have a “male” problem and if you look at their team sheet the line up speaks fo itself. People like Abbott, Abetts, Dutton, O’Sullivan, supported by the Kroger’s support fed by Jones and Hadley and Sky after Dark no wonder the boys club mentality sets a very slanted platform for any person who wishes to contribute let alone a female.

Personally,politically, I hope they don’t change, dig coal, close the borders, deny climate change. Reject renewables, and bully women out of the way, but that’s not good for our nation, any nation, and Victorians agreed, Saturday.

We need to install a government/governments that will look to our future, provide adequate and timely infrastructure and jobs with plans for our kids and elderly that will accommodate our growing population, and stop the scaremongering and fabricating excuses for ideology incompetence, and the real question is the LNP prepared to pay price of keeping the Trump faction worth loosing women’s participation at the ballot box..

The baseball caps have it Scomo.

Truth after Defrocking 

So our ex Prime Minister is in England telling his like minded Christians to close borders and turn back refugees.That’s a real Christian thing to do isn’t it?

Preserve the race he said, don’t let your culture be contaminated with foreigners, fine words from a good Catholic ex priest. 

Whatever way you look at it it has the Arian Hitler undertones, Or is it they do not want other religions on their patch or both. 

The right to seek asylum is becoming non existent, in fact it’s becoming a crime, supported by a brotherhood of frightened old men around the world clinging to power that will do and say anything to keep the population dumb enough and scared enough to retain their pay packets.

In Australia we are a country of immigrants. We committed genocide on our Aboriginals as did the Americans on their Indians, in a latter day Holocaust, something our forefathers we’re proud of. Yes we civilised the savages, but it was their home , we invaded, raped and pillaged as did the Romans and Vikings, but ours was in the name of God. Our God, not theirs, so that justifies the end result. 

But we feel threatened when we see people fleeing oppression wanting sanctuary. Have we been led up the garden path so much we are now so insecure in our own country, a land born on multiculturalism and not to allow that multiculturalism to flourish and evolve would be tragic.

If we have the old men have won. The old adages of divide and conquer, dumb them down, information is power, we will tell you only what you need to know, trust us we know more about… Be aware be scared, it’s the migrants fault.. All spin to keep the brotherhood in tact regardless of what side of centralised political spectrum is in power. 

In our case Abbott the ex PM run the case “stop the boats” stating he was providing to put the people smugglers out of business, but today the true case was to stop immigrants from our cultural contamination, which strangely while in power denied their was any racial undertones by only giving Christians minority’s visas.

Amazing how the truth appears when going abroad, without the spin doctors, but be aware we probably are witnessing the new career of Tony Abbott supported by Murdock on the Right Wing Nutters Circuit coming to a town near you. 

As the Submarine goes under.

This morning started with the police dragging a VW for whatever reason outside the house… Angry Lights and all…
Good start, but it gets better. Our beloved Prime Minister backs out on a commitment to build subs that he gave to get party room support so he can keep his job One Day after he gave it. Now that’s worth a ticket for speeding surely!!!
So he survived the battle, but he has lost the war.. I am pleased really as this day to day speculation on his future by the media will only end in his dismissal by his party or his resignation. Their is no other way as 39 of his backbenchers are after is head.
The white ants are working under the paint.
The obvious choice is Turnbull, intelligent, statesmanlike, and articulate, everything Abbott is not. But that’s Tory logic. He does not come from the right boys club. Forget about the skills it the class culture..
Well Labor is also guilty of that as well, it’s called factions and they often overlook skill over ideology. My pet hate.
The sooner we get politicians who are dedicated to the electorate, the punters , and not the big end of town or the donors we will get better people in our service. Remember them, people who care about Joe Citizen.
They may not have been as polished, pompous, or poetic but they were practical. Rough around the edges but good honest people. Mainly.
Now the corporations that are their gods not the voters. They come a sad last after their own ambitions..
The fact is you have no Friends in Politics, just acquaintances, regardless of which side your on, and the punters are a distraction.


Keep the Galah Squarking.


Our Prime Ministerial appearance at The Press Club yesterday was in no way a speech to the people. It was a survival speech directed at his enemies on the back benches.
The rehetoric was exactly the same as he did in election mode, filled with spin and slogans.
Even the Murdock Press could not cushion the speculation and distrust surrounding his leadership style and performance.
So why are we surprised? We all knew he was a thug in opposition, a spoiler a smasher of anything that resembled equality to the working man and women.
Any way at the end of the day it wont matter, and I hope with all my heart they let him serve out his term as PM, as the longer he stays the bigger the margin the Australian Labor Party will be delivered by the people of Australia.

Recession is the Real Plan for Australia….

With the GMH Holden leaving Australia announcement we witnessed one of the most despicable events in our nations history as well as the commencement of Abbott to send Australia into a recession.
Strong words you may think but lets look at the facts.
Lets make it quite clear This government was installed with the blessing and support of Murdock. His ideology is nothing should be supported by the public, which explains hockey’s goading of GMH in question time that led to the GMH decision.
Abbotts continuance of the no support for Toyota only extends Murdock ideology.
We have also had the Business Council head declaring they should kill the National Disability scheme and that the basic wage is too high. What he actually is saying is our standard of living is far to high, that is those of us who supply labour to the big end of town. They are not making enough profit, it’s your fault.
This week we will see a slashing of public servants at a rate never seen in this countries history again pushing down living standards of those affected plus whatever social effecting policies they can destroy.
Get the picture? The flow on effect will do all the things the silver tails want as well as lower the Aussie dollar.
Make no mistake the silver tails will survive as they have the money and the implementation of social sanitising as already started in Queensland in preparation for the G8 will apply nationally.
After time this will reset the working standards as they will have to
accept standards or starve.
This fits perfectly with LNP ideology and Murdocks Australia, not that hard to work out is it??
Oh I forgot the NBN, the thing that would allow full competition into every household from providers will be scuttles as we cannot have anybody in competition with old Rupert can we….


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