The Murdock job By The Queensland Times

So the Queensland Times has decided to do a Rupert Murdock job on Joanne Miller.Surprised? No reader who reads the paper today should be.

Think back to editorials pre poll when then pre LNP government was swept from power then paper went looking for a job for the LNP BBQ mate “Choaty” to get Maddens job in Somerset. That action signalled the real position of its opinion pieces so this action today is nothing new.

When a fake belt gets headlined, one has to ask the quality of what we are expected to consume as readers or has the QT sunk to the level of News Limited.

If Miller is not performing she should be replaced, no doubt, but we expect balanced views, and the sham of impartiality in today’s edition is a facade.

My confidence is with the local kid from Inala sorting it, and for the the spats between Goodna and Ipswich politicians, that’s no different to the local divisions between the Liberals and the Nationals interfactional bun fights that are never reported to the Ipswich readers.

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