Masters Retail demise


Masters Closing its Doors!!!
When are we going to realise what is really happening to Australia?
It all started with that budget emergency remember, the one that magically disappeared one the LNP took office. Then we lost our car industry, thousands of workers and feeder industries gone without any regard to the workers and families.
Then it was the Solar industries turn, targeted to keep the big coal executives cheques rolling in to party coffers, more jobs gone, then Wind energy demonised just to keep the ball rolling against renewables.
Then came the Health sector, the age care sector, education, mental health all slashed or priced out of Joe Citizens pocket.
See the trend yet?
Then we wonder why the Dick Smiths, Now Masters and other retail outlets are walking away simply because the average person is battling by the day and consequently more jobless hitting streets across the nation.
You will also notice these are all labour intensive industries, little people selling their labour to survive, while no massive changes in the top end, where tax avoidance is the underground culture practiced by the elite, while all the time the the government work to reduce penalty rates and other worker conditions.
Full time jobs are a dream to most, part time and several jobs to survive make it look like employment figures are fluid, while all the time the unemployed ranks are rising.
It’s nor rocket science that this government will lead this country into a recession, a planned recession, one that will allow it to starve the labour force, elderly, and disadvantaged into giving up its rights then ideologically restructuring it as per instruction by its corporate backers.
Australian culture is being redefined under our noses and where we were a nation together growing, achieving, we are being led down a path of division where the divide and rule culture is regarded as good business practice.

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