When The Trickle Down Dries Up


Tired if the election yet?

Well I’m tired of the rot about how important this government has said the word business.
Apart from divorcing themselves from the Liberal Party and Logo this government has also divorced itself from the truth about how good they are to small business.
The simple fact is if people especially in the working sector of this nation has money in their pocket they will spend on small business, the treats of life, the nice to, not need to, items.
That’s the same small business retail sector that struggles with the rents, outgoings, as usually family businesses do, not the ones that can write off a $6k toaster.
The Spiel is they refer to Small Business but they really mean Big End Business, the ones that donate to the party, the ones that avoid tax, the ones that will get the tax cut, while all the time they are conning the Small Business owner that they are one of them.
Small business needs the little bloke to spend, not the trickle down from the Silver Tails of Turnbull, as they don’t frequent the food courts, they don’t live and work in the retail food and hospitality sector, that’s beyond their status, but every election you see them don the hi-vis, go to the coffee shops, sandwich bars, pretending they care.
As a former small business owner, I knew where my bread and butter came from and it wasn’t the elite, it was the pensioners, the workers, the ones on struggle street that gave their family a treat, the same that fills the car up, gets the car serviced, buys the paint, that new jumper, or go to a club or pub for a meal treat for the family, the simple things in life that are so important to a mum and dad and not taken for granted.
I agonise when is see Small Business people with stars in their eyes every time a Tory says “Your one of Us” without adding “Till after polling day”. Then it’s Market forces created by the their Elite that govern weather you go broke.

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