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In regard to the editorial re Joanne Miller and the denial of bias of the Queensland Times, I as a reader and subscriber since about 1983 would like to express my views. To set the record straight from the start I am a member of the Alp and never have denied the fact in my letters to the editor unlike many who are members of political party’s and are active writers yet do not declare, howeverthat’s their option in a democracy.
The issue the Queensland Times started for me when Choat and Berry were kicked out along with the Government and within a week we had the paper openly lobbying for Choat to take over Maddens vacant position in Somerset while council worked through the process of replacement.
Then BBQ mate “Choaty” story left no doubt the alignment of editor with the LNP man and using The Famous Joh quote “Fly with the Crows, Be Shot as a Crow” badge was firmly pinned on.
Currently the paper has endorsed “Choaty” in his attempt to get his head back into the public trough in local government without any other candidate getting a run. Mates Rates come to mind immediately.
So when it comes to Miller, and she is not talking to the paper for some time, then why has it run stories on her retirement and other assumptions which have been proven baseless.
Yes she made mistakes as a Minister and paid accordingly, but ministerial failures are not just from the Alp, just ask our Prime Minister, and that has not made any editorials has it?
The fact is,Miller like her or not, she has performed better that many and survived elections where many have failed. Her electorate voted for her in darkest times of of the ALP existence, the people of Bundamba have spoken. That’s democracy and the QT’s denial of its vendetta fails the pub test miserably.
They say we all learn from our mistakes, and let’s hope the return of balanced reporting to the Ipswich people as we have had over many years from respected journalists who tear strips off both sides of politics when they deserve it.

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