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Victims of the religious orders of all creeds have suffered enough. The present Royal Commission has highlighted again failures of the religions to govern themselves and it’s time every day law be applied as it is to Joe Citizen.
It cannot be more evident that the business of religion has been protected at the expense of the victims so it’s it’s time the religious orders are reclassified to have PTY. LTD. included on all letterheads.
Regardless of each individual’s hierarchy position within their order their should be treated as any Managing Director and Board Members who defy corporate governance by neglecting health and welfare of its constituents, and damages, individual fines, and settlements awarded accordingly by Judges as in common law with the protection that victims be equally funded to put their case.
Prosecution has no borders or rank. Bring them home and put them before a judge.
At present the No Tax law exists and questions should be asked if that exception is being used correctly and staying in Australia or is it being used to grow the profitability for under cover Corporations overseas and should that privilege be withdrawn if the entity fails in its duty of care or is guilty of gross negligence or funding fraud.
Too many decent people have been conned, intimidated, damaged for life by criminals and then by yes men under instructions to protect the brand name at all costs.
It’s time to change the settings.

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