Return the Letters to Editor back to the Punters. 

Over the editorial cycle the Letters to the Editor or the Punters Say has been hijacked by politicians, CEO’s, public servants who have the facility to have press releases yet cut and pasted into the People’s Column. The 200 word rule does not apply to them obviously and although respect the right to edit all submissions surely the punters rant should have a start on the professionals. The Queensland Times once had a exciting wide range daily contributions from Ipswich people and they are still out there yet I’m sure very few readers read fully the professional entries, and by their presence in the section puts readers off reading the page. Right of reply by our Public Servants is a democratic right but let the punters start the conversation and the professionals issue releases, take the interviews and let real journalism occur. 

Let’s starts the new year Without Fake News Ipswich and support our QT. 

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