Balanced Reporting ,The Way Foward. 

When we get jolted by headlines like “Are we SleepWalking into WW3” I think it time we had a real good look at where we get out information political or otherwise.Fake News, Right Wing, Left Leaning, all open for interpretation according to you own beliefs but what has happened to factual news, investigative reporting? 

It seems we now have to rely on shows like 4 Corners, Foreign Correspondent to deliver while the Media Monopolies lobby to dismantle the ABC funding so they can control our media diet. 

The media barons are complaining about subscriptions crashing yet they choose to split their customer base by bias delivery one side or the other and the split is getting wider in Australia mirroring America forcing consumers and prospective clients to look elsewhere for balanced reporting. 

No wonder independent outlets are rising as the Mongols battle to keep circulation by buying up satellite newspapers then alienating its audience. 

We in Ipswich are better than that aren’t we?


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