Time for our Politicians to Grow Some Balls in Australia.

Isn’t it time we the punters took control of this Gay Marriage fiasco and directed out politicians to do their job?We have two nutters running around playing one upmanship threatening the world with nuclear war, the gap between rich and poor widening and whatever, while this rot about plebiscite/Snail Mail continues to bore us to tears. 

Facts are the Senate will reject the plebiscite, the non compulsory mail out with the non compulsory obligation of parliament to comply with the results, all costing us millions of dollars. The logic just does not stack up. 

Who are we protecting here, who is scared to say I was either in favour or against Gay Marriage? 

One guess. Politician. This is not a party political issue. Our politicians should make a decision as they are paid to do and if we don’t like it we will vote accordingly to each and everyone’s opinion come polling day. That’s our system, and they are the rules when they choose politics as their career. 

And for those who say it was a election promise, I would remind them of promise of no cuts to the ABC was unequivocal, locked in, yet that was conveniently forgotten.

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