Dr. Google, a Dangerous Consultant.

How would it go if when you took your car to the mechanics with a problem then proceeded to tell him how to do the job stand by while he did it, what parts to use how long to would take and then just leave the pricing to him?You’d probably complain about the price too and ask for a concession on using your knowledge even though you have never trained, in fact lifted a spanner. 

So imagine how Doctors must feel when they get a patient who thinks they know it all thanks to Dr. Google.

Yes diplomacy skills go into overdrive for the professionals when experiencing the online super graduates rants on their self diagnosed problems and woe is them if they dare to challenge the preconceived outcome or expectation of the patient.

Dangerous ground I feel as then we have to ask is the GP or Specialist actually using his experience and training or are they just conceding and sending them on their way feeling good about their own expertise without any confrontation. 

Knowledge is power and alternately Dangerous in the wrong hands. 

Dr. Google is a dangerous consultant in my book. Most Doctors have a set process of elimination follow by ongoing tests, checks and counter checks leading up to a educated guess, yes guess as they too are only human. Then it comes down to faith in that primary diagnosis and proceeding.

That tradesman mechanic is likely to just tell you to go somewhere else to fix those brakes, or fix them yourself and good luck but the doctor is not quite that abrupt but the result would still be the same come crunch time. 

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