America’s Train Crash in Progress. 

I’m not American. Probably I should thank someone other than God because I would be hypocritical. In any case we, the rest of the world are watching a America slowly slipping into a self inflicted coma of society decay. 

They said when Trump was elected it was a rebellion against the establishment. 

As time goes on we seeing the social fabric not the establishment being dismantled. 

What’s right, what’s wrong does not seem to matter, it’s the end justifying the means, the business outcome, money, White America first then comes selective vetting of the rest of the population based on social status.

People who have suppressed racial hate have now been encouraged by Trump Talk to act in the name of Nationalism to attack anything that does not meet their criteria of who is really American. 

History reminds us this was the way the Nazi regime commenced with segregation followed by purification of what it was to be German. They had a leader that controlled the media, wrote his own media (properganda), denouncing any people with views outside government as traitors or enemy of the state. 

His followers fanatical, his inner circle hand picked, ruled by a iron fist with the threat of death if they strayed their thinking. 

I cannot help drawing comparisons if you look at Hitler structure to the way Trump is slowly expanding the American social split where if your not right wing or extreme right wing your a socialist which then is regarded as a enemy of the state.

History records Rome went from the world centre to a burning hulk, not overnight but just kept burning internally until it fell. The fire was accelerated when the Trump was elected, and now the world is witnessing the inevitable train crash. 

I hope my country is not on that train. 

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