Trump Bumbling Should Force Strengthening Australia /New Zealand  Alliance. 

The National Press Club address on the future and past policies on our submarine capabilities i believe it’s time where we as a nation should reassess and rethink our defence particularly with the current political climate.I believe basing our defence capabilities on American support is no longer a option with Trump as America withdraws inwardly making us become either more self reliant or vulnerable depending on our choices. 

To be honest I have never been a fan of increasing defence budgets but the world has changed and after the warnings from the independent presenters at the press club we need to be proactive ASAP and look closely at where and who we align with to protect our patch. 

To me Australia/New Zealand alliance should be strengthened and that will take increased political will from both nations as the Kiwis look at Australia tied to America unlike them who stand less condescending and independent. 

Undoubtably technology will overtake present manned equipment be it submarines, planes, and drones will increase and some of our old chestnuts like nuclear power will have to be a challenged as conventional diesel technology will not give us the range without fuel stop vessels for manned units, defeating the element of security and surprise required in intelligence gathering and reaction. 

All assumptions but there is no doubt we have to become more independent within our patch economically and militarily and that change will need to made by a government that can take advantage and create industries on the back of that change not close them down or outsource responsibility. 

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