Yes We Can. It has to start Somewhere. 

The absolute waste of lives the world has witnessed in America again has brought on the comparisons of gun laws internationally as politicians grapple to assure us we are safe under their care. That debate is lost in America after Sandy Hook when children were slaughtered and every American sat on their hands and left it to the politicians, the same ones who’s lively hoods depend on the NRA for endorsment. 

The simple facts are Americans kill each other at a higher rate than they have inflicted on any nation in the theatre of war, so the actual outcome is America is devouring itself from within, and they cannot see it let alone do anything about it. 

Gun sales will soar as the internal terror rate rises as they spiral downward as a society, while any person outside who tries to consume the logic and has the gumption to say it is branded a fake news left wing crackpot. 

Resolution will never come while people from both sides profit from the divide as its money not lives that matter in America so if that’s the case we as Australians could make a stand for the potential victims and not travel or spend on American product.

That won’t happen will it, but then we would be the same as them when it comes to sticking to our guns when we know what should happen and have the guts to do it. 

“Yes we Can.” Australia./World? 

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