Trumps Kitchen Treat. 

As a avid reader of news/politics/history over my lifetime and being involved I dare to say the world is looking at a uncontrollable train crash when it comes to America and it’s society.Day by day it’s social structure is being dismantled not because it’s broken but by the pure spite of political ideology, and in Trumps case the hate of a Afro American even being allowed through the door let alone the White House. 

With over 85% of the country’s wealth being in the hands of the top 10% the protection of that 10% is manipulated politically on both sides of politics, however the divide is extended more as the Right has assumed a position of keeper of the keys to patriotic vitriol and if your not with us you must be against us, a position Bush adopted when going to war in Iraq. 

That strategy failed and will fail again only this time the war will be within. 

America is armed to the hilt, that industry dominates the political agendas so no party will have the guts to change that position but unfortunately it will be their own cancer when the poor, the black, the sick, the immigrants and the ones with social conscience will say enough is enough and rise up. 

Attacks on the press, book banning, social profiling, racial preferences in regards to welfare, tragedy response, health care, based on political voting patterns all fuelling the hate that will eventually erupt on the streets across the country. 

With about 320 million population the bean counters will make a calculation of collateral damage of the masses while the rich will look on and profit accordingly. 

That’s how the beast worked in the past, wealth wins as the peasants kids are given a flag and sons and daughters sacrificed physically and mentally without thought or challenge. 

Undoubtedly I will be criticised for these observations as I have been before of being  ignorant  of the real America and in no way am I comparing Australian culture , but what I am comparing is human response over history and the ingredients it takes to motivate a person to rebel. 

Donald Trump is creating a mixture maybe in ignorance or planned, that will rise up, and all the red herrings he may create to divert attention externally the pot is boiling in his kitchen, his creation and the sad thing is I doubt if he knows how to lay the table let alone cook. 

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