Postecoglou’s White Ant Problem.

The uncertainty around Ange Postecoglou’s status with Socceroo campaign has been created by media speculation combined with a concerted effort to white ant his position by commentators who see themselves as lords based on their own self promotion.History of past coaches be it imported or in Ange’s case local the self appointed brains trust are fine when they see themselves in the inner circle of Australian football but when the coach moves to close the dressing room door the friendship sours as it has today. 

Postecoglou’s effort in bringing players worldwide home plus the restructuring the game locally has been outstanding and while the A league has seen marked improvement in his time the simple fact is we do not have the depth to compete at the worlds highest level “yet”. Our game is growing fast and our biggest hurdle is avoiding the nepotistic view and embrace overseas coaches and managers to expand our education across all levels.

We can’t compare or compete with the wealth of club sides like Bayern Munchen or Real Madrid but we can steal their ideas and thinking we have all the answers here doing it our way is ludicrous, so when the CEO Gallops statement of Australia first for coaching replacement when it becomes vacant is less than visionary for the games future. 

I am not advocating European takeover of Australian football but our football culture must reflect that of the top nations if we are to rise to that level. That means the media commentary has some growing up to do and leave the boys club culture of the older we get the better we were off our TV screens

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