Israel/USA Alliance goes Unchecked. 

I finding it very hard to accept that a foreign country can change the capital of another country without the population having a say one way or the other. In saying that Israel has suppressed, deported, jailed any media/journalist who dares to speak a different line to government propaganda so it’s not surprising this issue has not been given alternate coverage from within, leaving it to outside news outlets to pirate stories as if they are inside a fascist dictatorship. 

Australian and overseas journalists who have worked the Israel Palestinian sectors have had equipment seized and smashed yet there has been no outrage in fear of political repercussions back home here in the electorate. 

Couple this with Trumps war on any media that questions his agenda makes this strengthening alliance detrimental to world stability not only in the Middle East but worldwide which could reset established alliances that may well turn out to be detrimental to our security in Australia and as the United States has not appointed a full time ambassador our alarm bells should be ringing.


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