Change of Blood is Good 

To sell or not to sell. That was the question.Well, how delighted I was to see we had some differing opinions that brought councillors out of their boxes. 

It’s a pity that attitude didn’t extend under the the former mayors tenure and this city would not be in this embarrassing predicament. 

We the punters are not naive and realise councillors rode into office on the popularity of the former mayor and the data confirms that fact and I’m sure they were reminded, but now we have differing opinions on strategic directions which is what we pay them to sort out in the ratepayers interest only. 

This change supports my theory that elected public service at local government level is not a career and a three term time line should be drawn then stand down a term then go for reelection by all means, minimising the risks of dangerous dynasties being established and injecting new ideas into the public arena. 

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