Aussie Compulsory Voting Works.

The world looks dewilded with the goings on we are witnessing in England Brexit and the ongoing circus America is having with just about anything to do with government.
In both cases the people have actually bought it upon themselves with total laziness and apathy when it comes to elections/ referendums.
I don’t think there can be a stronger case for compulsory voting when you look at the fallout happening in both cases not discounting the dollar cost to their nations looking for compromise.
Im not saying the voting system we have is anywhere near perfect but sometimes the carrot and stick approach serves the country better in the long run than a system where only the extreme ends of the debate turn out and the middle are ho hum until it hits the fan. Exactly what Britain and the USA are battling now.
Apathy costs nations across every aspect of its being and if we want true democracy we all have to be committed to making a effort when it come election time and no matter how much you hate or love politics you owe it to your country to take part in its process in a sensible state.
In saying that some find it hard to achieve that sensible state in day to day life, don’t they?

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