Outside America, Looking In.

Im not an American thank someones God.
That about sets the tone as a man who has been on both sides of the divide, business owner and worker and always politically attuned I am stunned daily on the man that wears the hat of President of the United States.
Im not a journalist nor attached to any publishing house, just an observer of our world, its leaders, its challengers, its impact on each and every being on this planet.
Democracy is sometimes tricked Ito believing what the people vote for and what is perceived good for the people and country, putting aside ideologies…. For a minute or so.
So let’s look at Donald Trump from the eyes off a person outside the Americans hype looking at both sides of the media including overseas publications.
Overall America needed redirection after the Obama years, not that he was a bad President but the system was open for corruption and had been since its constitutionalists wrote the thing.
Stating the obvious gave Trump a free ride into the White House. Not hard to work that one out.
But since his assent into office he has used that corruption and took away anyone who sees checks and balances as part of government.
Getting things done! Is the slogan, which really means bypassing or attempting same with the philosophy of the Ends justifies the Means.
Its confusing for us who believe a political system must have those boundaries of constraint that prevents a nation becoming a dictatorship.
We Australians have a system where if the people feel the leader or his party or colleagues see damage politically or nationally the leader gets the flick. Overuse however of that trigger by our politicians has made our electorate very distrustful and ambivalent of the system but it certainly gives the people and the media in play.
The yank system hands over power the day of inauguration and somehow the President becomes a god for life, like some Greek myth.
Their Congress and Government are on a scale that would qualify for a Aged People Home in Australia, similar to the House of Lords. All wealthy and heaverly obligated to some sponsor driven agenda. Not uncommon in other democracies but withdrawing from decisions or votes that impact on those sponsors is deemed ethical elsewhere is not required in America, and left to the investigation media who’s budgets just happen to be slashed by outlets that support feeds rely on feeding the chooks in news briefing brooms.
Of course it not corrupt , regardless of who’s in power. NOT
So much for the system as ill be dead before sorting that lot out but lets look at the individual now.
A business man… yep.. but not a self made businessman , daddy gave him a bonus and he rode out on the name of his family and continues.
The nepotism has never ever been more prevalent in any one before simply because he can’t trust anyone outside his bubble. Yes men and women soon get sick of saying yes, and his search continues but the standards are dropping after each change.
Where will it stop who knows. He doesn’t that’s certain.
As a person who has worked in the area of people with disabilities hands on, ones sees clear indications aspergillosis , dyslexia, and other symptoms all on show with Trump.
Instability and knee jerk responses, on twitter and in real time must be seen by professionals with far greater qualifications than me, and may one common within American elite, but here someone says it outright not withheld and dealt with in house but its dealt with .
They’er too scared I’m sure and if tests were required finding people who would put their name on a diagnosis in America would be open for hell the rest of their career.
The symptoms of withdrawal, self preservation, protectionism, keeping the status quo, keeping within known borders of race and ethnicity, plus all qualities once personal, now exhibited nationally on a greater scale followed by devout groups with same fears and beliefs, all symptoms.
No one outside America can help. We watch with amazement and take heed never to let it happen in our countries, that is the ones with people that are educated in democracy, true democracy and it will never be in a place where the entire population of my country cannot read or write, and never own a bank account.
Yep he knows what a wall does.. he’s been living behind one all his life sadly.

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