Stand Against Cronyism

My time writing in this column and others has made me aware not to be led by rumour and innuendo but I think its time to call out for clarifications before the cancer of propaganda and cronyism is allowed to flourish.
I have been informed from a series of sources that Yammanto and Cosco and other projects are delayed because of the removal of Councillors.
Im sure the present administration would like to give their side of the case but what really concerns me is who is generating these accusations and their agenda.
Councillors are paid employees by us the ratepayer exactly as is the road fixer, the garbo truck driver, the dog catcher, the administration staff, and attain their positions with probably less qualifications that the ones mentioned but have the happy knack of populous approval of the part of a community.
So when I see snd here accusations of our city being held back , one can only assume the source is by the supporters of reelecting present councillors and keeping divisional representations.
I look forward to the Administration response but this type of strategy reeks of the cronyism that has flourished within divisions and must be cleared for the new administration to clear a way in 2020.

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