Self Monuments are Inappropriate

It’s refreshing to see our Mayor and new councillors reviewing the policy and habit of past councillors erecting monuments to themselves.

To be clear and contrary to many beliefs they are public servants and they work for is ratepayers, we are the boss, an pay them to perform, and before the tribal followers of past servants erupt I would encourage them to look up Ipswich City Council Conduct Register and they may discover some furphies they’ve swallowed we’re not fact.

The commission chose not to peruse complaints if the councillor indicated or swore they would not seek re-election as I imagine a cost saving decision for the ratepayers legality and labour, certainly not a get out of jail free card as portrayed by some.

As I have stated it’s sad to that all past councillors were swept up in the sterilising process of the CCC as some were new and naive to the “Culture” but that ignorance should never happen again as long as full Corporate Governance is applied and monitored independently.

Wayne Offer

Chemello’s Legacy leaves Our City in Good Stead.

I spent the time, I read the line, all 44 pages. (See Below)

Greg Chemello’s report was extensive but not surprising by those who had genuine concerns over many years of getting feedback which many regarded as just sour grapes or politically motivated.

I feel genuine remorse for those newer councillors who were tainted by the dismissal, and I could accept that incorrect and illegal processes they were introduced to on appointment were accepted unknowingly.

The positive thing is all the network divisional brotherhoods developed over years wheeling and dealing are gone. Transparency will be restored to all ratepayers and employees without the fear of repercussions and the fact that it’s a totally new ballgame will make it very interesting observations to those former councillors who thought they were untouchable if they decide to renter the game on a equal footing with the new bloods on a brand new playing field.

Regardless I feel it’s important to spend the time and read the report yourself and judge what were the mistakes then we owe it to our great city never to become complacent in holding our elected representatives to account every day not just polling day.

Thanks Greg, and his team.

Pathetic Planning destroyed Ipswich Retail

When the shoe is on the other foot how quick do we forget the sins of the past.

After seen a once thriving business sector turned into a ghost town by diabolical decisions of incompetence beyond comprehension, I cringe in agony the bleating of the Riverstink owners in regard to the city revamp.

How this company got the go ahead to build where it is on a flood plain, destroy historic heritage still I feel needs to be investigated and the damage those decisions made to existing retailers, many long standing icons of Ipswich business history is clear evidence of why administrators and planners should make valued judgments based on data not councillors.

We saw a thriving city of three major retail outlets with the centre being ipswich city hub fully leased by retailers from the top of town to Queens Park be destroyed in one foul swoop by a stroke of genius equaling that of Frank Spencer.

Then let’s not forget how Riverlink was not to open until the footbridge was completed. Another deal done to accomodate a Developer at the detriment of existing retailers in the mall, and let’s also not forget the effect it had on retail traffic to other lease holders in other centres who saw traffic counts crash as rents went up.

Don’t get me wrong here I bleed for those mum and dad retailers who are paying exorbitant rents trying to make ends meet in a city of ever decreasing disposable income and I sincerely hope when the new centre opens rents will make it more than competitive to entice those type of businesses away from the conglomerates who fleece the small businesses and reward the multi national tenants rent wise.

Queens Park Ipswich visit Hits Home

The lead story in today’s paper has hit home even further with me personally after delivering some essential. products to Queens Park yesterday afternoon.

Like many we hear and read the efforts made by the support groups for the homeless but until you see it in real life does the size of the problem hit home.

Support groups like Rotary and Rosies were under the pump as people who you pass in day to day life in shopping centres, street cafes are in fact starving and relying on the vans arriving for just plain basic sustenances.

I’ve stated before that since my arrival in 83 I’ve never seen ipswich so poor. Yesterday confirmed that fact with trumps.

From first hand experiences I know people with disabilities, medical conditions, mental health are consigned to New Start and regarded as bludgers by people who display their total ignorance because the fail a Centrelink Algorithm or some other test set by the system this federal government lives by to protect its surplus.

Well I challenge those in this government to get out and get the aprons on and serve the homeless and underprivileged they are responsible keeping them on the streets.

Giving people the dignity of food and shelter should not be political debate, it’s a humanitarian responsibility that should be non negotiable.

Happy Holidays Scomo, enjoy your Christmas Dinner.

Is the Councillor Tier Really Needed?

Their are a number of factors I feel need to be made public as we head towards our new council elections.

To be blunt many ratepayers I have spoke to are a asking why we need to be paying for that level of government at all. Since the sackings the sun did come up and things around the place just seemed to carry on regardless and for those who have repeatedly bleared keep politics out of Council would agree no councillors no politics.

I’m sure our professional public servants have proven they are quite apt in doing their role under the Administrator and I’m sure service delivery is much easier without political or parochial interferences.

The cost factor too cannot be overlooked and do we get the bang for our ratepayers now we have now experienced both sides of the exercise? Those figures would be interesting as for decades councillors have sealed their success on how much ratepayers money the have extorted for their electorate and claimed it as if it was them who were giving the money, creating the them and us mentality.

The elections will proceed with the new ground rules I hope the people elected should perform accordingly with new safeguards of transparency across every division, but keep in mind we are not the only ratepayers who have been caught out by mismanagement. Other councillors in other councils charged so I am comforted that the CCC investigations are still ongoing across the board , but in my mind the jury is still out on the value of the added tier after experiencing Council by Administration Only.

Keeping Council Under Watch

First rule of the change process is to inform the people involved what is the new direction intended and listen to the usually negative arguments as they usually highlight underlying often personal reasons of why change cannot be achieved. The council debate has achieved in that trumps.

For too long ipswich has been culturally divided by areas and demographics and it’s time we matured into a city of one direction where transparency of the our ratepayers rates distribution should be seen as fair and calculated.

The days of “look at me what I have done in my patch” mentality was highlighted when none of the old councillors allegedly knew what was going on across the entire council and run to their bunkers when the hammer fell. That’s pathetic corporate governance, and undeniable.

As stated by the administrator the new elected councillors will have to have broader skills and adaptability, and as a resident I too have to adjust. From a place where our one streetlight was a cause for a party to a place where our population is increasing that much the infrastructure cannot cope, the days of town and country reluctantly but factually are over. The city expansion and all its ugly traits are here and we not only need good councillors on the ground we need good competent administrators to provide ongoing advice and support across the entire spectrum of our local council areas.

Like it or not, local governments are not stand alone entities and are arms of state governments and when the dust has settled we will still need the oversight of statutory authorities like the CCC and the press freedom and vigilance to ensure we never revert to our previous state of disfunctuallity. .

Stand Against Cronyism

My time writing in this column and others has made me aware not to be led by rumour and innuendo but I think its time to call out for clarifications before the cancer of propaganda and cronyism is allowed to flourish.
I have been informed from a series of sources that Yammanto and Cosco and other projects are delayed because of the removal of Councillors.
Im sure the present administration would like to give their side of the case but what really concerns me is who is generating these accusations and their agenda.
Councillors are paid employees by us the ratepayer exactly as is the road fixer, the garbo truck driver, the dog catcher, the administration staff, and attain their positions with probably less qualifications that the ones mentioned but have the happy knack of populous approval of the part of a community.
So when I see snd here accusations of our city being held back , one can only assume the source is by the supporters of reelecting present councillors and keeping divisional representations.
I look forward to the Administration response but this type of strategy reeks of the cronyism that has flourished within divisions and must be cleared for the new administration to clear a way in 2020.

Upholding Journalistic Standards

Maybe I’m one who should be honoured to get a run occasionally in this forum but I actually think public debate is good for democracy. To be honest I was one of the first to burr up about taking Courier Mail copy and pasting Bolt and Murray in my QT.

Over time I have realised it’s important to have them there as it allows the masses to judge where the benchmarks of journalism are set in Australia and it’s becoming quite clear those columns make people aware of the lower end of the debate.

When people aspire to take this country back to the Menzies era of white Australia, coal burning, climate ignorant, society and try and spin that as the good times do not have Australia and our grandkids future at heart.

The light has finally fallen on the conservative ranks that climate change is not a political football and the right wing nutters like Bolt And Murray are so far out of step with real Australians views their opinions will only add the present to governments struggle for credibility, so keep it up.

In regards to our ABC every government regardless of ideology has bellowed bias from its inception and that’s great for our democracy and the cries from the crackpots from the right who want to silence it highlights its importance of a broader perspective, on political and social issues which is not on the media barons agenda who desire to claim the entire debate on their networks and engineer it accordingly.

Merry Christmas and let’s get to the polls.

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