Its not Just Nature”s Fault

No one loves a good steak than me, but I as many are horrified by the losses of our beef cattle across our state but I do have some questions I feel need answering.
On many occasions I have seen cattle survive massive floods in the past by employing its natural survival techniques developed over time its has evolved in the Australian outback. Breeds like Poll Herifords, Bramahas, adapted and thrived and were the backbone of the nations beef industry.
Now the focus of the industry is focused on meat that suits export markets and I have to question “ has the resistance to Australian climate and conditions been modified and overlooked to suite an overseas meat market been bred out, and feedlot confinement strategies have dulled the animals natural ability of survival that has resulted in so many cattle have been lost?”
Locally we have seen cattle washed from the Brisbane Valley to Moreton Bay and turn up grazing on the foreshores simply by natural survival bloating.
Yes regardless, this event is another one of many one in hundred year happenings but I can’t help thinking we cannot continue to just blame nature without us “intelligent” humans taking some accountability.

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