Laser Lady Departs

With my record I would be the last to be seen as a supporter of Julie Bishop. Her ruthlessness in representing James Hardie in the Bernie Banton days supported by Abbott made us victims of asbestos never forget.
She carried that mantle into her parliamentary career and although I debated intently against her political beliefs I respected her opinions and her loyalty to her cause.
She held herself above that of her party colleagues yet had to tolerate them and at times I’m sure was disgusted with their antics particularly in the Gillard times when the Abbot and this government were waging a war not on politics but the female sex achieving the top job in the land.
That ideology of male inner culture of supremacy within the Liberal Party was and still exists, and is why she is taking her leave in my view.
As foreign minister she represented our country with dignity and class exceeding any of her parties predecessors.
The media does not go unchallenged as they too as they did with Gillard made infantile references to dress, shoes, fashion issues and disrespectful language over the substance of being a nations highly elected representative.
Bishop as is Gillard will not fade into obscurity as the Old Boys Club wish, they will continue to stand and speak well above the intellectual capacity of their knockers, and personally I am proud I support a Party that has recognised the value of women in politics and walked the walk not just talk the talk.

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